Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer obsessions

It seems that because of the summer heat I've lost any desire to cook and bake. All my wonderful new cooking books are staring at me mournfully from the shelf. Oh well, they can miss me just a bit longer, until the summer ends. I promise I will get back to baking and inventive cooking once the weather is rainy again and it is dark outside when we get home.

We are busy going for walks every night after dinner and I'm enjoying what may be our last babywearing summer. Sophia goes on my back eagerly for our evening walks and loves it when I do little jumps or pick up leaves and pine cones and flowers for her. Since nearby blackberry bushes are starting to get some of the sweet and ripe prizes for my little one we tend to stop by them every evening and eat a few berries. She absolutely loves it.

Last week we took Sophia to the beach for the first time and she loved it. Not so much into swimming yet, but throwing wet sand around seems like absolutely the best idea. She's been there three times now and each time she finds something new and enticing on the beach - sand, jelly fish, tiny crabs, more sand... I wish this summer could last longer.

At home the most entertaining thing for my little beauty is water. Every morning she loves to water the flowers, she runs after the spray bottle and sprays everything and everyone in sight, not just the flowers. She seriously prefers her brother's shark water gun to her little crab one.

Sophia is also potty learning on her own. She figures it out all on her own, and now almost always asks to go on the potty if she has no diaper on. Most naps and some nights she will wake up dry in the morning - and all this without any of the pains of the so-called training. She just came to this herself :)

I am still exploring my new sewing machine, and now have finished my first bandanna dress for Sophia, still struggling with making to little bows to go on the dress though. You can find a tuorial from Create and Delegate here. I love that blog :) Next - need to finish the pair of PJ pants I made for her. The crotch needs to be deeper, so I basically need to take the pants apart completely. Oh well, I'm still learning... As for the new projects - I would love to make a kimono dress from this fabric. Any suggestions for a free pattern?

I have to admit that my biggest obsession this summer was Waldorf dolls... I have discovered so many wonderful, fantastic, absolutely magical doll makers, that if I would buy all the dolls I want we'd go broke. So I have to restrain myself, but - we will be getting some cuties in our house this year, that's for sure!


  1. You should make one! I made one for my daughter and had absolutely no doll making know-how when I started. It was challenging, but rewarding now that she cuddles up to her baby (that I made!) every night.

  2. I even have a kit, bought a book on dollmaking, and couple of tiny skeins of yarn for hair. I am SO stuck with the head though - I cannot make it firm enough. Tried about 10 times now. Ugh.

  3. The head is a bit tricky. There are places where you can buy the inner head part pre-made . . . maybe you can do that?