Thursday, March 24, 2011


It seems I have lived in a near-perfect ignorance before. I don't remember people dying, loosing their loved ones, having to bury their children. And all of a sudden it's everywhere I look. It creeped up on me. A few of my friends had miscarriages over the last years, one had to bury her littlest boy... Then there was cancer in my family, and we worried so much, and now in one weekend my small family back in Ukraine became even smaller. My grandmother passed away and my (estranged) uncle - on the same day. I only cried the first two days, and only when the children were not around. But as it turns out, grieving is not just tears. Who knew. From my ignorance, I'm suddenly out in a full light, and it hurts my eyes to look. But I do anyways. Suddenly, I stumble across the blogs that are written by grieving parents, and I read unable to comprehend how these brave people master enough strength... If you lost someone, born or unborn, young or old, I am so sorry.

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  1. очень жаль что тебе сейчас приходится это переживать. очень сочувствую.
    У нас последние 2 года проходят в похожем настроении--рак, смерть, болезни. Старшее поколение сыпиться, да и не самое старшее тоже. Видимо пришел наш черед проходить через все эти вещи.