Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Since I haven't baked anything from scratch this week I'll have to entertain you by bits and pieces of our week.

I made a fantastic salad, seriously... Fat-tas-tic.

Olya's Rocking Quinoa Salad

My daughter helped me mix :) Here is our photo-proof

In addition I made soup! That doesn't happen often, I just dislike soups in general. This one doesn't have a recipe as I kind of made it from whatever looked good at the time. It happened to be chicken stock, roasted carrots and onions, red beans and some bacon (could be more). Kids loved it, so did I.

To top off my futile attempts of being a chef I made some out of the box President's Choice Organic Brownie. No picture as I was beyond tired, but it tasted really good and was super easy to make - just needed to add 2 eggs and some melted butter.

My next planned venture into baking will be cupcakes for Valentine's day. I have never ever made cupcakes before. Yikes. What do you say - another failure to look forward to? :)

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