Thursday, April 8, 2010

In serach of a perfect day

Hello there! Now I finally understand why some blogs seem to do just that - disappear into nothing-ness for days and weeks and than resurrect themselves with profound apologies. Apparently life happens, and when it does you don't always think - I need to blog first. No, it usually is - I need to sleep first!

The last two weeks have been hard - all of four of us had been sick, though not all at the same time, but in a age-appropriate order; DH first, myself second, then the kiddos. Fun times, fun, fun times...

Since all of us are now on the mend we could actually do something fun now, but just one thing gets in the way - sleeeeeeep. I feel like I need to dig myself a little cozy hole somewhere in the midst of unfolded (clean!) laundry and sleep for a week or two.

Exercising would help with my sleepiness, but the wind blowing at 40 km/h I am not willing to spend more than an absolute necessary minimum of time outside.

So now, that you know all this vitally important information about us let me tell you about some books and recipes and Etsy finds.

Since we are traveling next month with DD i found her this tiny cute and sweet backpack from bratsacksbaby.

As far as reading goes I'm stuck between the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and The Host by Sthephanie Meyer. The Outlander series are overwhelmingly enormous and only encouragement of my friend on GoodReads keeps me going. As for The Host... I feel a little un-excited about it. I don;t know what it is - just the whole Twilight thing exhausted my interest to the author and while I expect to like the book I'm just into reading it.

You might wonder how did I do with the Easter baking and I'm ashamed to admit that I chickened out. I had postponed baking until Sunday and that was the day when DSS had to go to the emergency room (nothing serious, in case you are wondering), so the baking just had no chance of happening. I did bake some banana bread and it was moist and sweet, but DH complained that it was a little to moist. Still in search of a perfect recipe :)

We did not take any new photos, so my exploration of digital photography is currently halted.

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