Tuesday, September 21, 2010

30 day Back to Self Challenge

I came across this wonderful idea in one of my favorite magazines.

The idea is to do something for just yourself every day. The examples are read a novel, drink your water, do your yoga, go for a jog... Do something that you enjoy.

Since I'm a bookaholic I suppose I've been doing that for a while now, but still it is important to recognize that you need to do something just for yourself. Your mind, body, soul, you very essence require nurturing just as much as those around you. Oh crap.. I forgot to feed my turtle this morning....

So for me - yoga class today. Training sessions tomorrow and on Thursday. Since my car battery is dead - recharging the battery might count as a self-nurturing, right? Otherwise, how will I get to the library? Horrors!

As for the water - how many of you have a water bottle, but don't have it with you? I'm like that. So one more thing for me to do this week - find my Sigg bottle!

If you are stopping by to read this - please share what are you planning to do for yourself? Can you keep it up for 30 days? :) I dare you!


  1. love the idea!
    my idea of self nourishment will be try and take a nap every other day. Forget the fancy stuff....I just need plain old sleep:)

  2. I sometimes just stick to drinking enough water :) Nap is not possible around here.