Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beasts in me

Yesterday I was asked which animal I would choose as my power animal. I blabbered on about being born in a year of Monkey and other silliness along the Chinese calendar just short of starting to babble on about Zodiac signs. Oh dear, was I ever unprepared to answer that question. So to compensate for the half-conscious blabbering let's see what I actually am.

If one would try to analyze me through the beasts that make it onto my desktop screen I would probably be a falcon or an owl. Both fascinate me to no end. Turtles come next. The amount of pictures I downloaded from NGM that involves turtles can be only compared to the amount of pictures of my own daughter on my work desktop. And last on my list is luna moth. This creature seems to be weaved from magic and doesn't belong in this world.

And finally there is Totoro. I am in love with him. I have several desktops with him and they the most joyful, vibrant and magical pictures imaginable.

I guess I am not really much of a monkey :)


  1. How interesting....never would have imagined you as an owl or a turtle...or Totoro for that matter. But inside is always different from the outside:)
    If I see the Galapagos turtles live in San Diego Zoo I will say hello to them for you. Those turtles really amaze me

  2. Someone told me once that whatever animal I was supposed to resemble does not belong in the real world. Though this sounds soppy, silly and cheesy all at the same time I think it might be true :) And not just for me, but for many others. What do you remind yourself of? :)