Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Musings

I haven't had a real vacation since September 2002. This year we were planning on finally going for it and renting a cabin on Vancouver island. Real life had its own plans - and I am heading for another staycation this year. While it is fun to imagine taking just my baby (okay, I know she doesn't qualify as a baby really, but she is still *my* baby) and hopping on a plane - I'm not really that adventurous. Although my trip to Ukraine last year with her definitely counts as an experience in travel with kids, but inflicting this upon myself again is not my choice of vacation time. So, since for the first week of my vacation it will be just girlie and me at home we plan to

- go to the park/playground/water park every day depending on the weather;
- go visit friends that we see once a year (you know who you are)
- eat icecream
- visit library
- go to Starbucks
- *maybe* brave the nearby beach (I am not a good swimmer and am afraid to be alone with the kids near the water)
- bake some mini cupcakes :)

What else should we do? Other than spontaneously buying a plane ticket to NY and visiting a friend I haven't seen in 16 years? :))

P.S. Still no pictures, as I still have no phone :S

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