Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthdays, fall and love

Today is my husband's birthday. I love you, You are so very special and close to me, You are my heart and soul, and I hope that I can always show that to you.

In other news, my daughter has a curious new habit - every day she asks me if I have a baby inside me and seems disappointed when I say no. Where did that come from? :)

In just four days we will officially have a teenager in our house. We might celebrate that by setting up a new aquarium :)

Fall is here... After just getting a taste of summer in the end of August we are now in a typical autumn in Vanouver - it rained three days in a row (although thankfully not without some sunny breaks).

I want to paint with water colors, write a poem, bake an apple pie and hug and kiss my kids until they know forever and ever how much I love them.


  1. Вера, представляешь, я забыла про Игоря др. Утром еще помнила, а потом все вылетело из моей дырявой головы ((((((( вот так незаметно приходит склероз.......

  2. Your family is very lucky to have such a wife/mother as you! Happy belated Birthdays to you boys. And....who knows...may be Sofiyka has a point :)?

  3. Yeah well, it's easy to be a perfect loving mother and wife on the internet :) And Sofiyka definitely has a point, but for now that remains a plan for the future... :) Thank you Vitusya! I owe you a real letter.. I will get to that one of these days.