Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

Fall has flown by. Between Halloween costumes, walks in the park, purchase of the new phone and of course working full time I have completely forgotten to update my little blog. We still cooked, baked and read books all through the fall. Sophia's new favorite thing to do on our weekend if the carousel. We first found it in October and got maybe three weeks of Saturday entertainment, but then it was closed till the Christmas season. Now it's back and I plan to take my little cowgirl to ride those horsies until it closes again. Christmas party at work has come and gone, leaving us witht he first ever Santa picture. Although Mama had to sit on Santa's lap and Sophia only agreed to sit on his lap by proxy - on my lap :)) Once Santa was gone Sophia gladly climbed into his chair herself.

My Christmas shopping is nearly done, and I'm happy to say that only maybe 20% of it was done in the mall. Thank you, online stores. With a few additions for the stockings my gift list will be completed. On the To Do list we have:

- Send greeting cards to our friends and relatives
- Visit baby beluga (because we love her)
- Go to Science World (because we've never been)

I am hoping to have some time to see my friends and bake some cookies :)

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