Monday, July 8, 2013

Savoring the summer

Another weekend over - and the summer is almost at the mid mark. My tomatoes are now actually looking like tomatoes, though the same comment cannot me made towards my strawberries - they are looking pretty miserable. but flowers are pretty, my lavender smells amazing and drinking beer on the deck while reading a book has never sounded so pleasant (that is until mosquitoes show up and eat me alive).

We are still reading every day, and I am still updating my blog - so there is some consistency to our routine :) I have been fairly bad at doing my evening chores and putting lunches together in the mornings, which makes me possibly a little more late for work than would be necessary. I promise to try harder...

Another area of neglect is my aquarium - it needs to have its filter cleaned, and the lamp scrubbed clean from algae. I will have to put that on my to do immediately list. Right after finishing the book I'm reading. And putting those lunches together in the evening.. And mopping the kitchen floor.

Summer is wonderful, but how does it pass so quickly? I want to stretch every moment in the sun, every berry and every splash in the water...

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