Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer dealings

Both my teenager and my preschooler are in the Summer Reading Club and therefore are very motivated to do their daily reading. We have a mandatory Saturday morning visit to the library and leave loaded with new books. It's just getting to the middle of the summer, and therefore the year but I already have used 25 out of my 30 free holds in the library. Soon we will be moving on to using my husband's holds to get the rest of our coveted books. Trips to the library are awesome due to the huge wonderful green lawn and shaded benches. It happens to be the best place to run around and learn to do cartwheels.

When at home, choosing a book to read before bedtime is a process.

Sometimes it's a point and shoot, sometimes it's a game of hopscotch. End result is always a book, and there is something for everyone in the family.

Last weekend it was very hot and one of the mandatory requirements was..... yes, icecream. My girl chose a (toxic) blue bubblegum flavored icecream with sprinkles...Oh well.

In other news - our deck garden is looking splendid, Tomatoes are now taller than the person on sprinkler duty :)

Hope the summer will last a loooong time :)

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