Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Here we come

This week my daughter and I will be traveling. We will be flying over the ocean, over many countries, landing in the heart of the country I used to call my home. We will spend one day there and continue our journey by train to the city I love more than any other place on Earth. My love for that city can only be compared to my love for my child... I love both of them with all the might of my heart and soul, my eyes are full of tears even now just thinking about bringing My Daughter to My City. It's homecoming... It's coming home... And bringing my home with me...

The City is old, it's inhibited by Lions and Witches and surrounded by Castles. The dreams come true there. Fairy tales happen. The lilacs and chestnuts blossom. Sun warms your heart and caresses your face.

I am not falling apart, I'm coming together. I am hoping, dreaming and smiling to this future.

I Love You, L'viv. I'm bringing my daughter home, even if just for a while.

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