Monday, June 14, 2010

Come and gone

Hello there,

I have not been very good lately, have I? To update you on our status - we have successfully flown over the ocean to see my Mom and Dad and Grandma, and successfully returned. The time spent in travel is worse a separate post, but then again, those of you traveling with little children might not want to read it as it was pretty painful. I promise I will post some pictures of our stay in Ukraine once I actually get some free time.

My little Lyalya has turned two last week! I was so busy picking presents and baking muffins and cleaning the house that I really didn't have much time to let it sink in. My baby is two now. She can say so many words, she calls herself Lyalya, she likes being dressed up (you should see her in that tutu!)... Probably most mother feel the same way on their child's birthday, but still - why does she have to grow up so fast? I enjoy each stage of her development and love her more than ever. I try to remember every little thing she does, because tomorrow she will be all into something new and just as exciting. I hope that many years from now I will be able to recall all these things and tell her or even her children how cute she was growing up.

I'll stop being all sentimental ahead of time and tell you about the gifts Sophia got for her birthday! As you know I've been thinking and planning most of it ahead of time, but some things were just purchased on the spur of the moment.

I had this dream that my husband and I could do something like this for Sophia, but I suppose I will have to save this project for later. At least I know that now I won't loose this link ;) Instead my just bought her this. She seems to enjoy it and even my nearly 12-y.o. DSS can easily fit in there to play with her. My beautiful playsilks haven't arrived yet, but I'll show them to you anyways - BeneathTheRowanTree. I also got Sophia two Peppa dolls - Vera and Fred. And we got her some stuff from Toys'R'Us - Mega Bloks Farm and beautiful wooden city set from Imaginarium that I cannot find on-line to show off. We also filled the living room with couple dozen balloons. Of course as the birthday girl saw the balloons she couldn't care less for the presents :) So at least we did something right.

Once again, I promise you pictures soon, so please do come back!


  1. Thanks for visiting my humble blog. Can't wait to see pictures of your trip. I've always wanted to visit Ukraine!

  2. Thank you Sunshine! I promise I'll manage to put something up soon-ish :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my humble blog. Can't wait to see pictures of your trip. I've always wanted to visit Ukraine!